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Dear visitors, friends,

I am very pleased to meet you artistic enthusiasts, who visit the homepage of the museum.

This museum was opened on May 11, 2003 in memory of great artist Jeon Hyuck Lilm, who is a pioneer of color field abstract paintings in Korea. This museum permanently displays 80 works of painter Jeon and about 50 relevant materials, which are exhibited by turns every three months. Moreover, a planned exhibition is held each spring and fall in order to display the works of promising young artists and contribute to the activation of local painting circles.

I hope you will visit this place of art as frequently as time permits so that you may enjoy a meaningful time while appreciating the development of the museum.



Young Geun Jeon





It is located at the foot of Mt. Mireuk on Mireuk Isle in Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang Province, Korea. The house where a noted painter named Jeon Hyuck Lim had lived for nearly 30 years since 1975 was converted into a new creative space where the newly built museum was housed on May 30, 2003. The outer walls of the building is decorated with the master painter's five paintings and his son Yeonggeun's five paintings which were selected from among their works and reproduced by utilizing about 7,500 7.9x7.9 inch ceramic tiles, with a view to represent the image of Tongyeong and the artistic image of the master painter. In particular, the front wall on the third floor is a reproduction of the great artist's work entitled "Window" painted in 1992. The large 32.80x32.80 feet wall painting is composed of many pieces of tiles.



Exhibition Room (3087 square feet)

 First floor: permanent exhibition and planned exhibition

 Second floor: exhibited paintings and a lounge

 Third floor: materials related to paintings, and other collections


Exhibited Paintings

 Paintings: about 80 works on the average

 Materials: about 60 works


Studio of the master painter

It is on the first floor of a building next to JEONHYUCKLIM MUSEUM OF ART. A corridor connects the studio with the main exhibition building.


Parking lot

It is situated on an about 3859 square feet site at the back of JEONHYUCKLIM MUSEUM OF ART



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